Ideas For Low Budget Prenup Shot

As a low budget and DIY person, I don't want to get any amount out of my wallet just to achieve a glam looking prenuptial photo shoot. I know we have different ideas and themes for our once in a lifetime prenup but we can't deny the fact the it will cost some bucks. To my fellow 'thrifters', here are some ideas i would like to share.

1. Plan Your Theme or Idea First!
There are lot of resources, specially on the internet, that you can find as an inspiration for your theme. You can have a bohemian theme, beach theme, garden theme, or even some techie themes. Once your able to come up with your theme, you then can list the materials and costumes you will use. 

2. Location
The location is important for the prenup shoot because it gives justice to the theme you desire. If you want  a beach theme photo shoot, you can look for a good beach that don't ask for any entrance fee or  other fees. If your in something unique or techie, maybe you can setup a mini studio, and play along with green screens.

3. Props, Costume, Makeup
Prenup photoshoot is our once in a life time experience so we would like to look perfect, glamourous, and elegant to every angle in the pictures. We look for makeup artist, prenup coordinators, and photographers that surely throw a handful of money. Maybe we can slash them out and still looking good with the photos like a pro. If you want a garden theme prenup shot, you can be resourceful like finding a props to be used in the internet and let your creativity works on it. I think almost of the women knows how to do make-up and there are lots of makeup tutorials that you can find in the internet. 

3. Photographer
Finding a good photographer is one of the toplist for achieving our dream prenup shot. But if  your out of budget or if your tight on the budget, you can make a way out of it. Cellphones now have a very good camera lenses and a photo editor app. You just find a person who you trust to take a good photo out of it.  I think this will save you almost 70% of your money compare when you get a whole team to do your prenup shot. 

Yes, we want to achieve the perfect prenup shot but if your budget is hindering your prenup dream, then maybe you can follow my low budget prenup ideas.

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