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values your wedding memories

We tend to glance at our wedding photos and reviews it by time to time because it is one of the endaering and very highlight in our lives. Because of this, eKasal offers to the couple their very own page at our website to keep their wedding memories. But here are some features you could use.




Photo and Video Gallery

Keep your photo and video memories with us. Reminisce the time you exchange 'I DO'. You can share your photos to anyone can be view anytime and anywhere.



You can simply setup your upcoming events with our Events widget. This will make your event announcment more easy and simplier.


Blogs and Articles

Want to tell a story? Then you can publish your story or even your personal thoughts. Our Blogs and Articles has a friendly editor that makes your writings easy.


Social Media Sharing

You can share your photos, videos, events, blogs, or articles anytime through or Social Media widget. You can share anything to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at anytime and anywhere.



Viewers can leave comments to your page. They can simply congratulate you or reminisce some wedding memories to your page.



Do you have something to sell? eKasal offers you a section where you can sell your preloves or just put your promos if you have a business.

QR Code Invitation Technology

Our Highlight Feature

eKasal is proud to launch our newest feature , our QR Code Invitation Technology. Our QR code invitation is the answer for an easy and hassle-free invitation and RSVP to your guest and can be accessible anytime and anywhere.

You can also add your wedding details like the venue, map locator, date, time, and invitation photos. Your guest can simply scan your QR code invitation, view the details, and confirm the RSVP. You can also allow guest to bring an additional through the RSVP Add Guest feature.


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Our Couple's lifetime subscription

Keep your wedding memories and future events for a LIFETIME! This package is perfect for the couples who wants to immortalize their wedding photos, videos, visitor comments, and all our features.

Our LIFETIME package also can let you post your future events or even published a blog or articles for a lifetime.


Couple's subscription

  • Couple's Name
  • Cover Image
  • Comments
  • Your Story Summary
  • 20 Image Photo Gallery
  • 25 Video Gallery
  • 25 Events
  • Social Media Feed
  • QR Code Invitation and RSVP

P2, 500.00

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