The Wedding Gift Registry: Why is it Important?

The date is set, your venue has been booked, and orders with the food caterer have been made. Your gowns and suits are ready, and so are the invitations, which you now plan to send to your guests. Everything appears to be going well… but wait! What about your wedding registry?

Basically, the wedding registry is a list of gifts that a soon-to-be married couple has selected in advance. Here’s how it works: The engaged couple gets in touch with a retail store and selects several “desired” items. The list is then provided to the guests, who can purchase the items in-store or online. Every time an item is purchased, it is checked off the list, and the “registry” is updated, so that guests would see which items are still available.

Wedding registry services are usually provided free of charge by retailers. Here in the Philippines, some of the stores that offer gift registry services are Landmark, Rustan’s, Abenson, AllHome, Crate and Barrel, and The SM Store.

Benefits of Having a Gift Registry

If you think having a wedding registry is not necessary, think again. Below are some benefits of gift registries for engaged couples:

A gift registry helps couples get the items they really need or want.

Whether you need furnishings and appliances for your new home, or perhaps a travel bag for your honeymoon trip – you can include all of these in your wedding registry.  That’s right! You can be specific about what you need or want. It’s your wedding, after all!

A gift registry makes buying and choosing presents much easier.

Choosing a wedding gift can sometimes be difficult for the couple’s families and friends. With a gift registry, however, they don’t have to spend so much time “guessing” and looking for the perfect gift! Since the registry already contains the couple’s “wish list,” family and friends simply have to pick an item, and that’s it. Problem solved!

A gift registry can help prevent instances of “duplicate” gifts.

Here in the Philippines, one of the most common wedding gifts is a rice cooker. In fact, you can be almost 100 percent sure that in any given wedding, there’s bound to be one or more rice cookers among the presents. But we don’t really need so many rice cookers, do we? Having a gift registry eliminates instances of duplicate gifts. As soon as one item is purchased, it is removed from the list, and the registry is updated. So convenient, right?

A gift registry provides access to a variety of items, all in one place.

Retail stores that offer wedding registry services usually have plenty of items in their inventory. These include all sorts of kitchenware, home appliances, beddings, furniture, and other things that a newly married couple would need. Being able to buy these items – all in one place – is very convenient for everyone involved!

A gift registry usually comes with perks and rewards.

Most retail stores give certain rewards to couples who use their registry services. These may include discounts for “completing” the list, free shipping, and other rewards based on the number of items purchased. And so, couples not only receive gifts; they get to enjoy some perks, too!

The Bottom Line

Having a gift registry comes with certain advantages, both for the engaged couple and their guests. As you plan and prepare for your big day, consider having a wedding gift registry, so that you can enjoy its many benefits and rewards!

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