Here Are Some Ideas For Your Engagement Announcement In Social Media

Here are some ideas for your engagement announcement in social media.

  1. Ring Selfie – Flex your engagement ring with your partner through photo selfie. You can be creative with your pose and a simple caption will do. Expect to be flooded with congratulatory comments afterwards.

  2. Post a cryptic message/photo – If you want to play riddles to your family and friends, think a cryptic message that can lead them to think about your engagement. This will surely make a buzz.

  3. Change your relationship status – Want to shock everyone? Then change your relationship status instantly. This can be a fun excitement to you and for your friends and family.


  4. Post your proposal video – If you want to make your announcement extra special, then a video of your proposal will do. You can add some editing for some special effects. This will give a wow factor to the viewers.


  5. Post a QR code - You can also use QR code to post announcements like engagements. If you want to give thrill to your family and friends, you can post a QR code and will direct to your special announcement. You can be creative to your caption like ‘Want to know a big surprise? Then scan this QR code’. You can use our QR code for your announcements or events. All you have to do is sign up here: Announcements

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