8 Gift Ideas for Your Ninongs and Ninangs

In the Philippines, the primary sponsors, better known as "ninongs" and "ninangs" -- play an important role in weddings. Aside from being signatories in the marriage contract, they also serve as "second parents" or mentors to the newly wedded couple. And so, it is only fitting that primary sponsors be presented with gifts as tokens of appreciation!

For this article, we have gathered a list of memorable gifts that you could give to your ninongs and ninangs during your wedding. These include edible presents, as well as items that can be used everyday.

1. Grooming Sets

Grooming sets are among the most popular and practical gifts for primary sponsors. For the ladies, you can put together a skin care set containing lotion, hand cream, artisanal soap, and body mist. For the men, a travel set containing shampoo, shower gel, and shaving kit would make a good present.

There are many stores that sell ready-made grooming sets, complete with elegant packaging and ribbons. Of course, you can also make them personalized and create a unique set for each ninong and ninang!

2. Locally-made Fabrics

Did you know that there are many beautiful fabrics made right here in the Philippines? The colorful "inabel" (woven) from Ilocos and "burda" (embroidered) products of Laguna are just a couple of examples. For your ninangs, why not give a locally-made wraparound or shawl? And for your ninongs, a Philippine-made blanket or towel would be much appreciated!

By deciding to give a locally-made product, you will not only be making your primary sponsors happy... You'll also be contributing to your fellow Pinoys, their families, and communities!

3. Grazing Box

A grazing box is fast becoming a popular gift idea these days. As the name says, it is basically a box filled with yummy goodies, meant to be shared by two or more people. There are stores that offer ready-made sets, but you can also make them yourself!

What can you put in a grazing box? Pretty much anything, really -- although most people like to include deli meats, crackers, and different types of cheeses. You could add pastries, chips, and fruits, too.

4. Coffee Beans or Fresh Tea

Most people, your ninongs and ninangs included, are likely to be coffee lovers or tea drinkers. There are different kinds of coffee beans and blends out there; just package them nicely with a French press or coffee mug. Likewise, various types of tea blends and tea infusions are also available. Without a doubt, your primary sponsors will love these beverage sets!

5. Wine and Chocolate

Speaking of beverages, a bottle of wine would also make a wonderful gift. Depending on your budget and preference, there is a wide variety of wines to choose from. Make your gift extra special by adding a bar (or two) of chocolate. Fancy? Yes! Expensive? Not necessarily!

6. Eco-friendly Gifts

When it comes to gifts, be sure to do your part for Mother Nature by choosing eco-friendly presents. For example, you can give personalized tote bags, which ninang and ninong can use whenever they go shopping. A metal spoon, fork, and straw set is another possible eco-friendly gift, along with wooden pencils that contain seeds -- to be planted when the pencil gets too short. Some of the most common “pencil seed” varieties are basil, citronella, and parsley.

As you can see, these types of gifts are unique and very much affordable! What's more, they can serve as simple reminders for everyone to help care for the environment and preserve the planet's natural resources.

7. Potted Plants

Speaking of eco-friendly, why not give potted plants as a gift? There are plenty of sellers that offer succulents, flowering shrubs, herbs, and indoor plants. Many of these are quite easy to take care of, and these will surely appeal to your primary sponsors' inner "plantito" or "plantita"!

8. Personalized Gifts

Nowadays, thanks to graphic design and printing technologies, making personalized gifts is quick and easy! Admit it, don't you feel special when someone gives you a gift with your name on it? Surely, your ninongs and ninangs would be happy to receive personalized mugs, tumblers, key chains, passport holders, sign pens, wallets, and anything else, really!

Final Thoughts

If you're still wondering what to give to your primary sponsors, just take look at the above list for some great ideas! And remember, it doesn't matter how big or how expensive your gift is, the important thing is that you're able to express your love and gratitude to your chosen ninongs and ninangs.

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