6 Colored Wedding Dress Inspo Worn By Celebrities

Wedding gowns or dress is not necessary to be worn in White. We can be creative by exploring any colors to our wedding gowns. Here are our top 6 colored wedding dress inspo you want to consider.


Photo credits to the rightful owner
Photo credits to the rightful owner

1. Victoria Beckham wedding dress in Purple

This bold yet chick wedding dress worn by Victoria Beckham is one of the dress no one forgets. It also matches the vibrant purple suit worn by David Beckham. The floral detailing around Victoria's shoulder highlighted the gown.


Photo credits to the rightful owner

2. Kaley Couco wedding dress in Pink

There's something in color Pink that complements some of the wedding mottifs. Kaley Couco is one that we considered rocks the Pink wedding gown. If you want to have light yet vibrant wedding dress, then you may consider any shades of pink.

Photo credits to the rightful owner

3. Gwen Stafani wedding dress

And yes, we can get two colors in a wedding dress. Gwen stefani's wedding dress (Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale wedding) is the perfect example of a two toned wedding dress. This white and pink wedidng dress has a perfect ombre effect that compliments the bride. If  you wish to combined colors to your dress, then you can make it this way.

Photo credits to the rightful owner

4. Chrissy Teigen wedding dress in Red

Just Wow! Wearing bold colored  dress is one of the risky factor in choosing your wedding dress. But the class and the sophistication that Red brings is just admirable. Red is not only symbolized of love but also in fidelity and luck. 

Photo credits to the owner

5. Emma Thompson wedding dress in pattern style

If you don't like to look plain then maybe you consider wearing a pattern colored wedding dress. Emma Thompson gives a perfect glimpse on what a patterned wedding dress looks like. The two-piece wedding dress is perfect for a casual yet elegant wedding theme plus the veil compliments the simple and stylish dress.


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