5 Impractical Things Brides Stress About But Shouldn’t

Every bride wants her wedding to be perfect, be it in a church, the city hall, or an outdoor location that she chose to have her fairytale in. If you’re a bride who’s just starting to plan out her own wedding, you may already find yourself stressed out about even the tiniest things.


Think about the things that are stressing you out and think whether they’re actually worth it. You might be surprised that the things getting you so worked up are actually the things that aren’t even that important!


Here are five impractical things brides stress about but really shouldn’t.

1. Fancy invitations

Spending countless hours searching for printing shops that do embossed, laser cut 4D invitations with a perfect mosaic of you and your fiance's pictures from the last 5 years on every page isn’t really worth it. Truth be told, no one keeps invitations from weddings no matter how nice they are unless it’s their own. Save yourself the hassle, the time, and the money and just go for something classy and simple.

2. Inedible party favors

Here’s another thing that drives brides crazy. Should you giveaway embossed crystal bride-and-groom figurines or a personalized mini picture frame with your names and wedding date on it? The answer is neither. Instead, send your guests home with sweet treats like really yummy cupcakes or out-of-this-world macarons. They’ll appreciate it more and the chances of them stashing your edible party favors away in a junk drawer never to be seen again is zero.

3. A sought-after celebrity wedding photographer

Don’t get me wrong, hiring a good photographer is very important, but do you really want to spend a fifth of your wedding budget on a photographer alone? While it may seem nice to be photographed by the same man that shot your favorite celebrity couple’s wedding, it’s not really necessary. When it comes to hiring a wedding photographer, ask for samples of their work or their portfolio, if they have one. You’ll know who’s good at capturing special moments when you see it.

4. Imported, expensive flowers

Oh, your bouquet will only have Ecuadorian roses and you’re having tulips straight from Holland flown in for your bridesmaids? What’s that? You’re decorating the church aisles with Casablanca lilies and peonies? Do you even know what happens to flowers after weddings? They dry up and go to the trash. Use locally available flowers instead. They’re much cheaper and easier to find, saving you money and time, and from the rage and frustration you might feel when you find out the flowers you flew in from Europe have lost a few petals on their way to you.

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