4 Unique Ways to Keep Your Wedding Memories Alive

Planning your own wedding is no joke. Even with the help of a wedding planner, many brides remain pretty hands on in making sure that their wedding is nothing short of perfect. Now that you’re almost done getting everything ready for your big day, there’s one more task left to do and that is to find ways to keep your wedding memories alive for the years to come.

A wedding photographer and a videographer can only do so much in capturing moments from your special day. If you’re looking for more ways to preserve your wedding memories, check out these unique ideas:

Vlog it!

If you don’t have the slightest idea as to what a ‘vlog’ is, you must be living under a pretty big rock. People do vlogs for just about anything and everything nowadays, so why not do one about your wedding? You can document everything from day one up until the very moment right before you walk down the aisle. You can upload it on the internet if you’re keen on sharing your journey, or you can keep it private and watch it later with your friends and family. What’s more is that it’s literally free to start vlogging!

Have sentimental pieces framed

Your wedding dress, your husband’s suit, your bridal bouquet -- all these can be preserved and framed in an acid-free shadowbox to last forever. This is perfect for people who want to keep their wedding memorabilias on display. Other stuff from your wedding that you can frame aside from photos are the jewelry you wore, a few petals from your bouquet, a copy of your vows (hand write them if you plan on doing this!), your invitation, and more.

Make trinkets out of your wedding memorabilia

Love collecting little bits and baubles? Why don’t you make trinkets out of your wedding memorabilia? That lace from your veil, those petals from your bridal bouquet, a piece of fabric from your wedding gown -- all these and more can be preserved in resin and kept as little trinkets to add to your collection.

Have a guest book puzzle

This is such a cute idea! Choose a photo of you and your husband-to-be and have it made into a giant puzzle. On your wedding day, have guests sign at the back of each puzzle piece instead of having the usual guest book. After the wedding, you can spend time together building the puzzle! You can have this framed in a double glass walled frame so you see the photo on one side and the signatures on the other side.

There’s nothing wrong with hiring a photographer and a videographer for your wedding, but these ideas are great for people who want to go the extra mile in preserving their wedding memories and keeping them alive!

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